DJ Doug

Brooklyn-Based Wedding DJ

631 576-5878

I'm a wedding DJ that specializes in couples looking to put a unique spin on their reception. While most wedding DJs use similar sets for each party they do, mine are tailor-made for each one individually based on your suggestions.

I've been DJing my whole life and am well-versed in many different types of music. In particular, my services are great for couples who LOVE music and want their wedding to reflect their personal tastes, not simply those of the mainstream. I spin indie/alternative, hip-hop, dance hall, synthpop, top 40, funk, disco, and many more. I'm also an experienced public speaker and can handle all MC requirements for everything from the ceremony to the reception's conclusion. 

I take pride in my work, and have a masterful ear for tone and progression, from cocktail hour to a raging dance party. My entire aesthetic is geared towards couples that want their wedding to be an experience like a night out seeing their favorite DJ — but where they actually talked to the DJ ahead of time and got in all their requests. As a person who has been to plenty of weddings where the DJ was sub-par and kind of annoying, it's been my goal to provide an outlet for anyone else out there who has felt the same way and dreamed of something better. 

I consider myself a budget DJ and my rates can be negotiated depending on factors concerning the wedding itself. Shoot me an email at and let's talk! I'm also a music journalist, so Google me to find articles I've written for Stereogum, Brooklyn Magazine, Death and Taxes, Northern Transmissions, and The Awl.